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I am a person with a very energetic, bubbly, and optimistic attitude. I can be extremely random, which I am sure can be both entertaining and/or extremely annoying ^_^ But the most important thing is that I am saved by Christ, and He is my strength and salvation! I love talking about my Lord, and living my life for His glory :) Along the way I like to doodle what I see or imagine.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some old, some new

Ah.. Arwen. I have always thought she was such a beautiful elf. Here is a fairly early picture I did of her. My brother, again AMAZING job on photoshop. He helped darken everything out.

I think this is one of my favorite live sketches I have ever done! Granted, I haven't done very many.. But still, I am rather proud of this one, especially if you consider I did this in the car!

I have my own katanna! Super excited/proud of that fact. }:)  This is a more recent drawing.

I love playing around with hair, and clothing. I sketched this one a little while ago in my smaller sketchbook, but then I went back more recently and noticed how black and white everything was, so I painted it. It added a LOT.

I might not be done with this one yet. As you can probably tell, I haven't added a lot of the texture on her cloak. I also am considering adding the background of the picture I got this from. It was quite a striking color contrast of red and brown leaves on the ground against her green cloak.
This is a newer painting, using a picture of Morgana as a model.

The original picture..

I am also currently working on some LOTR elf drawings. And one other major project...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random... Randomness

Yeah, I have a lot of random pictures/doodles that don't really belong in any category.. so what do you do? Put them all together in a random post! :) Sigh* I love random!
O! yes! I should tell you the project I AM working on.. or maybe not. I sense some kind of hint in the near future... That most of you will probably guess anyway... anyway, back to random.

This picture is in honor of a very special family who just moved away. Miss them a lot.

This one is thanks to my dear friend, Bekah. Thanks for the inspiration. Now she just needs to write a story about him (hinthinthint) :)

Ah! Good ol' private jokes! They make great inspiration for doodles. This one is based in the impossibility of my even being able to CARRY let alone use a clamore.. ah well I can still dream! }:)

This is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. I was tired of the typical depiction of a skeletal hand, when I am fairly certain that Dickens described the hand as being strong. I am sure you can guess where my other source of inspiration comes from.. (Cough! Cough-ringwraiths-Cough!)

Again, Thanks to Bekah for a cute idea :) Meet Mushroom-cap Child.

For one of my dear friends. Check out her blog at http://www.ownerofalonelyharp.com/

Now you can get a glimpse of how random I really am.. As you can see, these were drawn right next to each other.. and on the same day, by the way. :)

Yeah, these two are just random. Playing around with motion. And hair.. And fabric...

I love this one. Nuff said.

Last one... For now.. Mwahahahah..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Airman by Eon Colfer

Another AMAZING book that inspired quite a bit of drawing, as you can see :) I loved this book!


Yep.. I had to pen that sketch in.. These two characters are totally awesome by the way!! I think it is mainly because of this series of books that I really started loving sword fighting!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guardian King

Trap Meridon and Abram Kaladorn

So as you can see, I am still experimenting with the quality of the scans. And I am not completely sure I am done with the first picture. I might try and color it, or at least do it in pen. If I do I will definitely repost that one...But anyway, these characters come from an AWESOME series called the Guardian King series by Karen Hancock. Enjoy :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Art Plus Photoshop

My little sister's avatar character :) 
 This picture was drawn by me, and then colored on photoshop by my older brother.. I have yet to learn how to use photoshop (except in the trivial art of distorting a person's face beyond belief or recognition :P ) Really this picture was a joint effort, my little sister knew what she wanted me to draw, I drew it, and then my brother did the AWESOME computer stuff! Anyway, it really fits the style of Avatar and animation. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Avatar (the last airbender) pics

 Inspired by the amazing TV show: Avatar the Last Airbender! I would totally recommend it to you!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Started

 I can't wait to start putting my art up! I guess I will be kind of using this site as a portfolio. :) Thanks for stopping to look, and enjoy!