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I am a person with a very energetic, bubbly, and optimistic attitude. I can be extremely random, which I am sure can be both entertaining and/or extremely annoying ^_^ But the most important thing is that I am saved by Christ, and He is my strength and salvation! I love talking about my Lord, and living my life for His glory :) Along the way I like to doodle what I see or imagine.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some old, some new

Ah.. Arwen. I have always thought she was such a beautiful elf. Here is a fairly early picture I did of her. My brother, again AMAZING job on photoshop. He helped darken everything out.

I think this is one of my favorite live sketches I have ever done! Granted, I haven't done very many.. But still, I am rather proud of this one, especially if you consider I did this in the car!

I have my own katanna! Super excited/proud of that fact. }:)  This is a more recent drawing.

I love playing around with hair, and clothing. I sketched this one a little while ago in my smaller sketchbook, but then I went back more recently and noticed how black and white everything was, so I painted it. It added a LOT.

I might not be done with this one yet. As you can probably tell, I haven't added a lot of the texture on her cloak. I also am considering adding the background of the picture I got this from. It was quite a striking color contrast of red and brown leaves on the ground against her green cloak.
This is a newer painting, using a picture of Morgana as a model.

The original picture..

I am also currently working on some LOTR elf drawings. And one other major project...