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I am a person with a very energetic, bubbly, and optimistic attitude. I can be extremely random, which I am sure can be both entertaining and/or extremely annoying ^_^ But the most important thing is that I am saved by Christ, and He is my strength and salvation! I love talking about my Lord, and living my life for His glory :) Along the way I like to doodle what I see or imagine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random... Randomness

Yeah, I have a lot of random pictures/doodles that don't really belong in any category.. so what do you do? Put them all together in a random post! :) Sigh* I love random!
O! yes! I should tell you the project I AM working on.. or maybe not. I sense some kind of hint in the near future... That most of you will probably guess anyway... anyway, back to random.

This picture is in honor of a very special family who just moved away. Miss them a lot.

This one is thanks to my dear friend, Bekah. Thanks for the inspiration. Now she just needs to write a story about him (hinthinthint) :)

Ah! Good ol' private jokes! They make great inspiration for doodles. This one is based in the impossibility of my even being able to CARRY let alone use a clamore.. ah well I can still dream! }:)

This is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. I was tired of the typical depiction of a skeletal hand, when I am fairly certain that Dickens described the hand as being strong. I am sure you can guess where my other source of inspiration comes from.. (Cough! Cough-ringwraiths-Cough!)

Again, Thanks to Bekah for a cute idea :) Meet Mushroom-cap Child.

For one of my dear friends. Check out her blog at http://www.ownerofalonelyharp.com/

Now you can get a glimpse of how random I really am.. As you can see, these were drawn right next to each other.. and on the same day, by the way. :)

Yeah, these two are just random. Playing around with motion. And hair.. And fabric...

I love this one. Nuff said.

Last one... For now.. Mwahahahah..